We custom fit a chain to your wrist, neck, ankle or finger. We then use a welder for an easy and painless process. Instead of using a clasp we use a tiny jump ring to connect and weld the two ends of the chain, turning it into a "permanent" piece of jewelry.

No pain is involved. All you will feel is the joy of having your new permanent piece of jewelry.

Yes, we work through appointments. A $20 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule your appointment. This deposit will be applied towards your total on the day of your appointment as long as you don't cancel within 48hrs and show up to your appointment. If an appointment is missed or canceled less than 48hrs of your scheduled time, you will forfeit the deposit.

Most of our appointment slots sell out before the day of our events. Walk-ins are only allowed if we don't sell out on an event and it usually involves waiting to be serviced. We highly recommend you book your appointment once the dates are released.

Each appointment is 10 minutes. We kindly ask that you arrive on time as this will give us enough time to sanitize, select chain, custom fit, and then Zap on you new favorite piece! 

Each person needs to have their own appointment time.

We can weld up to 3 pieces on the same person under 1 appointment slot, if you would like to get more than 3 pieces, you will need to book 2 appointments for yourself. Please remember that each person needs to have their own appointment time.

We offer options in goldfill, sterling silver and solid 14k gold.

Goldfill and stering silver range between $45-$85 for a bracelet.

Solid 14k gold starts at $125+

We rotate our chain styles and they vary based on availability on the day of your appointment. We have a large assortment of chains for you to choose from and you will surely be able to find one that you love.

You can simply cut the jump ring used to weld the chain together with a nail clipper or sharp scissors. Save it all in a safe place to be re-welded at one of our future events.

We recommend that you speak with your doctor and ask if you will need to remove you permanent jewelry during your X-ray or MRI appointment. 

Many of our clients have not been required to remove their permanent jewelry but that is up to the discretion of your doctor.

If you are required to remove your permanent jewelry, simply cut the jump ring and store everything including the jump ring in a zip-lock bag. We will gladly re-weld it on you for our $10 service fee at any of our future events. Just send us a message when you are ready to re-weld your piece back on.

Repairs and re-welds of our pieces start at $10.

We ensure your piece is fully welded on you and there are no issues with the chain on the day of your appointment.

If enough pressure is applied to the chain or if it gets caught somewhere, the chain can break.

Get in touch with us if you need a repair. We will inspect the chain before re-welding it on you and make sure there are no issues with the chain. Most repairs are $10 but if the integrity of the chain has been compromised or if it has overstretched then you will need to purchase a new chain.

We don't offer replacements on broken or lost pieces. If your piece is lost you will need to purchase a replacement. 

All sales are final, once we custom fit, cut the chain and place it on you for welding.