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“Confidence is a such a sexy and powerful quality for a woman to possess. It is about the attention you command once you enter a room and it all begins with you, by being and loving you.”

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Carla Poma, the woman behind the jewelry line, sees the world through colors, shapes and textures that catch her attention. Whether drawing inspiration from seashells at the beach or geometric lines in an architecturally interesting building, she then transforms the idea into a beautiful, sensuous, bold pieces of jewelry.

When traveling around the world, Carla takes mental notes of things she sees that are bright, catchy and elegant – and then she incorporates these ideas into her pieces. Carla Poma jewelry makes a statement: it is for the confident person who loves to shine.

She crafts the jewelry by hand using high-quality gemstones, silver, gold fill and brass. No two pieces are ever identical: every piece is unique to the person who will choose it.

There are no rules when it comes to being creative...

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Carla Poma Jewelry

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